Anti-Flag lyric video for “1915” filmed in Thailand


Anti-Flag “1915” Lyric Video - Filmed in Thailand on our recent
Southeast Asia tour 2012.

"Joe Hill may have been the 1st punk rock musician. He didn’t have the
same aesthetic to his sound, but he certainly had the attitude. He
fought diligently for human rights. He questioned nationalism at what
we can only believe was it’s peak. He inspired so many people while
alive and for sure even more after his death.

He was killed in November of 1915 by firing squad for what many
believe was a murder he did not commit. Joe believed he was worth more
to the labour movement as a dead martyr then if he was alive. He was
cremated, his ashes placed into around 600 envelopes according to
Wobbly (IWW - International Workers of The World) folklore, they were
sent many places, sprinkled at places he loved, ingested by our dear
friend and legend Billy Bragg, one envelope that read “Joe Hill
Murdered By The Capitalist Class” was seized by the US Postal Service
in 1917 for its “subversive potential”.

Often, we have to look backwards for inspiration on how to proceed forward.

The song 1915 is us doing just that.”


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Anti-Flag with The Flatliners and Have Nots
03/06 Philadelphia, PA – The Barbary
03/07 Washington, DC – Rock & Roll Hotel
03/08 New York, NY – The Studio
03/09 Allston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
03/10 Wilkes-Barre, PA – Redwood Art Space
03/11 Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar
03/12 Detroit, MI – Magic Stick
03/13 Chicago, IL – Reggies

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